Exploring the benefits, challenges and opportunities of Land Governance under the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management (Framework Agreement) is just the beginning of the path to becoming a Signatory First Nation.

The LAB and Resource Centre are committed to providing First Nation Councils and community members with information, materials, videos, presentations and online courses that contribute to a broader understanding of Land Governance and support the growing network of First Nations working together.

Welcoming wishes and prayer, by Eugene Louie (pelachiewtwx), LAB Elder

Process to Become a First Nation Signatory

Interested in becoming a signatory to the Framework Agreement? Tell us a bit more about your First Nation by filling out the following Land Governance Community Profile Form:

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There are resources available to assist with the completion of the Land Governance Community Profile Form or to travel to your First Nation to provide additional information, discuss the Framework Agreement and share experiences with your members.

The big other step in expressing interest in becoming a signatory to the Framework Agreement is for the Council of the First Nation to pass a BCR. As soon as a BCR is received by the LAB Chairman, Robert Louie’s office, the name of that First Nation will be added to a waitlist of First Nations who are interested in becoming a signatories to the Framework Agreement.

Once a list of New Entrants to the Framework Agreement on FNLM has been confirmed with Canada, letters to advise those First Nations will be sent out.

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Becoming a Signatory to the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management
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Online Courses

We encourage First Nations who may be interested in learning more about the Framework Agreement to explore these online courses and to contact the RC for a presentation in your community.

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